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Rubbish Removal & Waste Disposal In Farnborough

Our Services Around The Farnborough Area:

Removing junk and rubbish on your own from your home or business can be very messy, stressful and a lot of fuss and quite pricy. Eco-Junk is here to offer you a fantastic low cost service which is an eco-friendly alternative to skip hire, for rubbish removal in Farnborough.

Do you have a home or business that needs junk or rubbish removal in Farnborough? We are here to do all the hard work for you, because it is important for us to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the service they are receiving.

Skip hire can be an expensive topic and can cause you a lot of hassle: you need a skip parking permit, others can fill your skip with their junk, flat rates whether you fill the skip or not, you need to load it and waste restrictions. Eco-Junk is cheaper, we take more types of waste, you only pay for your junk and we are faster than having the hassle of loading a skip. So starting saving your time, money and as well as the environment by choosing us for your next rubbish removal needs in Farnborough.

At Eco-junk we aim to recycle or reuse anything as much as possible, diverting it going to landfills.


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After arranging a chosen time, our team will come and remove your junk and we will even sweep up afterwards.


All of your waste will be recycled and disposed of as environmentally friendly as possible.  For more information view our “What happens to your waste?” page.

Eco-Junk can clear and dispose of almost any waste, rubbish, junk from any household and business in Farnborough. If you need electronic equipment or furniture removed from your office, or if you have had a building project at your home, we can remove and dispose of it more eco-friendly and cheaper than anyone else.

Farnborough Sofa & Furniture Removal

Do you have unwanted furniture you wish to be removed? If it is an old sofa, chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, chest of drawers or any other household & commercial furniture Eco-Junk is here to do the job for you. Every month we remove and dispose of hundreds of items of unwanted furniture around Farnborough every month. Whether you live in a house or top floor flat we can remove it.

Farnborough Scrap Metal Removal / Collection

Is that broken oven taking up space in your kitchen? Is your boiler broken and you need to get rid of it? Eco-Junk can help from rubbish removal to scrap metal removal in Farnborough we can remove and recycle any type of domestic and commercial junk.

Photocopier Disposal / Recycling Farnborough

As photocopiers are WEEE they can be hard to dispose off. We specialise in recycling all items of waste with the envioment in mind. So if you have a photopier in Farnborough that needs to be recycled / disposed of. We can dispose of your photocopier in Farnborough whether its a desk top machine to a industrial one.

Farnborough Fridge & Washing Machine Removal

Is an old fridge, a washing machine or domestic appliance taking up space in your home or business property? Get all the junk moved quickly, efficiently and ethically with Eco-Junk. We remove loads of old fridges and white good from around Farnborough every month and dispose of them as eco-friendly as possible, saving you money and the environment.

Farnborough Office Clearance

We provide hassle-free clearances for offices. Whether you just need to remove some junk, such as an old photocopier that no longer works or years of clutter from you warehouse, we can help. We remove and dispose of hundreds of items of office junk and rubbish around Farnborough every month. We offer a low cost waste management service that is as good for you as it is for the environment.

Computer and IT Equiptment Disposal / Recyling Farnborough

Have you just upgraded your computers / IT eqipment and you need your old ones recycled / dispsoed of securly and with the enviormeant in mind ? Eco – Junk ensures that all of your computers and It equipment in Farnborough is recycled sercurley and with the envioemnt in mind. We recycle computers, laptops, servers, photocopiers, tables, mobile phones, printers if you can it in your office we recycle it. For all of your It and computer recyling needs in Farnborough call us today.

Farnborough House Clearance

When moving home you may notice there is a lot of unwanted stuff you don’t want to take to your new home and you may be wondering how are you going to get rid of it. At Eco-Junk we specialize in house clearances and rubbish removal. So if you need a fast, reliable and cost effective house clearance service in Farnborough give Eco-junk a call.

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