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Rubbish Removal & Waste Disposal In Uxbridge

Our Services Around The Uxbridge Area

Do you have some junk in your home or office in Uxbridge and you are planning to get a skip? Stop for a moment and think, are you ready to go through all the hassle of getting a parking permit, pay the flat rate whether you fill the skip or not and know that others can fill your skip with their junk as well. Or rather call Eco-Junk for your rubbish removal needs in Uxbridge.

At Eco-junk we aim to recycle as much waste as possible, diverting it going to landfills


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After arranging a chosen time, our team will come and remove your junk and we will even sweep up afterwards.


All of your waste will be recycled and disposed of as environmentally friendly as possible.  For more information view our “What happens to your waste?” page.

We care about the surrounding, our aim is the recycle as much of you waste as possible. So if you need our rubbish removal service is Uxbridge you can rest assure that all of you waste will be disposed of with the environment in mind. We have no waste restrictions, so if you need a sofa removed or years of junk in your garage in Uxbridge we can help.

Uxbridge Fridge & Washing Machine Removal

Eco-Junk removes and disposes of all white goods, from washing machines, to an industrial oven. Every month we remove hundreds of old washing machines and white good around Uxbridge. Eco-Junk saves you time hassle of heavy lifting and time as well, helps to benefit the environment.

Uxbridge Sofa & Furniture Removal

Eco-Junk collects all unwanted household & commercial furniture for removal & recycling. Are you living on a ground floor or top floor and you have narrow staircase? No matter the situation, we can get rid of your old one and really take the hassle out of it for you. Every month we remove and dispose of hundreds of unwanted items of furniture around Uxbridge.

Uxbridge Scrap Metal Removal / Collection

Eco-Junk removes and recycles almost of every type of waste. So if you live in Uxbridge and need a fast and reliable rubbish removal / scrap metal removal service give us a call. We can remove that old washing machine you need to get rid of, that broken microwave, or any household or commercial junk.

Uxbridge House Clearance

If you are moving home, or you have lots of clutter you need removed we can help. Our Uxbridge based rubbish removal / house clearance team will de clutter you home and give your space back. Weather you need a sofa removed or years of built up junk we can help.


Uxbridge Office Clearance

Whether you need some junk or years of littler to be removed from your shared work spaces, industrial sites, shops, basements, warehouses or construction sites, Eco-Junk is here to help. We remove and dispose of hundreds of items of office junk and rubbish around Uxbridge every month: fast, low cost and eco-friendly.

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